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Will Office Fruit help Beat the Monday Blues?

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Mondays are hard work. FACT. Many people dread Mondays, signalling the start of a new working week, a barrage of emails when you first get in, and the distant memory of the weekend fading into the background. If you enjoy your job, or if you don’t, Mondays are still hard work. So, how do we tackle the Monday blues?

Men’s Health suggests a little exercise at the start of your morning. Rather than catching the train or bus to work, why not cycle? Men’s Health says, “If you live too far from work to self-power the whole journey then get off the bus a few stops early and finish it on foot.” It also looks at when you clock off at the end of the day, too. Try and regularise your hours. It says, “Working irregular hours is as bad for your heart as it is your brain. The British Medical Journal found it raises cardiac risk by 23%, while other researchers found that logging over 11 hours at your desk more than doubles your risk of depression.” So, reducing the Monday blues can have a lot to do with your patterns of work too. If you’re really finding it gets you down, try and speak to your employer about possibly changing shift patterns.

Another idea is to eat more of the healthy stuff: fruit. Fruit is severely underestimated. When you are packing your lunch box up in the morning, you might throw in a chocolate bar or a packet of crisps because it is easy. Fruit is just as easy to chuck into your bag, and much healthier. Fruitful Office Ireland, an office fruit delivery company, said that “Over 80% of our clients told us that following the introduction of fruit in the office “Quality of life in the office” improved.” They conducted an experiment which looked at replacing unhealthy snacks with fruit at work, provided by the employer on a weekly basis. Fruit is fresh, seasonal and free to staff and is a good way to boost a dreary Monday morning. Their survey found that 45% of staff were eating fewer unhealthy snacks when fruit was provided. Fruit boosts mood levels, helps to strengthen the immune system and gives the brain a much needed boost in the way that a cup of coffee cannot.

You might also like to think about planning something to do on a Monday evening. By planning something fun, like a hobby or simply meeting up with friends, you can start to look forward to Mondays again. Even if you have a bad day at work, the evening will soon be here and that is something you can enjoy. Try dance classes, cinema or even the gym. If you don’t have the money you could always just try going out for a walk or run in the evenings.

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