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Why are People Choosing Organic Foods These Days?

When food is grown without the influence of any synthetic chemicals, for example, artificial fertilizers and pesticides, they are organic foods,and in organic foods, any type of genetic modifiers are not used. For an organic farmer environment sustainability and the welfare of animals are an important issue. Therefore, animal products are also covered under the term ‘organic.’ So, when you get an organic meat delivery, just know that the animal was respected and is chemical free.

Farming Organically

Under organic farming, the animals are treated with respect and humanely. Such as, the chickens are growth in free range and they aren’t caged. They can move freely in the area. They come across other animals. They interact with the open environment and feel the weather. Cows are not given lots of feeds. All the animals are kept free from growth hormone or growth drugs. They are not givensteroids or any kind of antibiotics. The only thing they might be given are vaccines to treat or prevent them from getting diseases.

When farming organically, it is required that you work in harmony with the ecosystem. You protect the surrounding environment. You conserve energy, sol,and water. You must use the energy of renewable resources and cycles of natural farming. In organic farming, a traditional farming method is followed,and crops are rotated so that the soil of nutrients do not get depleted.

Organic Food, The Pesticides,and Chemicals

If anyone thinks that organic foods are 100 percent chemical free, it might not be the case really. Foods grown on the ground might have been used previously to grow non-organic foods, and so the may contain residue of chemicals. But one thing you can be sure about is that organic foods will contain much lesser chemicals compared to those foods that are grown with the help of synthesized chemicals.

There are also pesticides that are natural such as light oils, Sulphur, copper and pyrethrin and there are substances such as Bacillus thuringiensis, permitted for farming of organic foods.

Organic Foods and the Market

The organic industry is booming these days almost in every country. The demand of consumers is increasing for organic foods, and the number of demands is increasing 20 to 30 percent each year. There are countries in which nowadays around six households in ten, buy organic foods. In the last decade, the retail sale of organic foods has increased 650 percent.

Why do people prefer organic foods?

People these days have learned about the side-effects of chemicals that are present in the organic foods. They know that not only the nutritional value gets low of the food due to the use of pesticides, antibiotics, growth hormone, additives,and many other chemicals, but also these chemicals may cause severe health problems. In many countries, the pesticide residues are thoroughly checked. Still, people believe that organic foods are healthier.

Nutritional Content of Organic Food

The plants that are conventionally grownare compared with organic food in several studies,and in most of the studies it was found that there are not much different of mineral and vitamin content, but there are some differences found, and they are that organic foods have:

  • Nitrate level low
  • Vitamin C high levels
  • Selenium high levels

Ethics of Organic Food

When it comes to an organic animal, ethics is an issue taken seriously by the farms. The animals are treated more humanely,and the meats are kept from antibiotics and hormones. All animals are treated naturally and are left inthe free range. Cages are forbidden.

For Betterment of the Environment, Organic Foods are Preferred

Sustainable natural resources and healthier food is good for the environment. The chemicals of modern farming are responsible for reducing the fertility of the soil. The farmers of organic foods make the damage control using physical control of weed and also the green manure.

Outlets of Organic Foods

You can find organic foods in the following places:

  • Few grocers
  • Few supermarkets
  • Few markets of fresh foods
  • Organic retailers who are licensed by the government
  • Food shops for health
  • Internet

Due to less production as there are no uses of pesticides, herbicides,and other different chemicals, the yields are less. So, they are more expensive than conventional products. The farmers also operate on a smaller scale.

Certification of Organic Food: How to know that the food is certified organic food

Following are the ways you can identify if the food is organic:

  • When going to buy from a retailer of organic food check if the Organic Retailer has the certificate of association with the organic grower’s association of the country where you are living.
  • You only choose food that has a label saying that it is certified organic good from the department of fisheries and forestry or department of agriculture in case of vegetables and fruits.
  • You should also check the name of the grower and their certification number.
  • Do not fall for the labels of the packing written as natural or free of chemicals, check for real labeling as organic from proper departments as per your country.

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