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Top Tips to Find Healthcare Talent

There is no doubt that in recent years the healthcare industry has seen a shortage of talent.  The population is aging, which means there is an increased demand that the sector is finding it difficult to resource.  Healthcare institutions are finding it harder to recruit new staff and to overcome this issue, so we have put together some top tips to help you find the right healthcare talent.

Use Technology to your Advantage

Technology is an ever-changing landscape that brings you more tools to use as part of your recruitment process as time goes on.  This can be completing things such as having a careers page on your website and making sure it is mobile optimised which is incredibly important these days.  You should also make sure that there is the capability to apply online which is a real time saver for both parties.

Advertise Online

A lot of job searches occur online, so it’s essential you have a presence on relevant job boards.  As part of your recruitment strategy – it can be a good idea to budget a certain spend for advertising.  This means that you are likely to attract relevant candidates to your job role.  Some of these websites also give you some great insights that can able you to access more nurses, physicians etc.

Hire a Recruitment Agency

A physician recruiter can be essential in sourcing new physicians for your healthcare organisation.  The benefits to this is that they have a talent pool ready for you to access.  As they specialise in the industry – it also means that they will have all of the relevant industry insights and know exactly what to look for in a healthcare professional.

Use Social Media

There are some great recruitment tools that can be used on social media these days and this is evolving all the time.  On LinkedIn – you can not only post jobs on LinkedIn – you can look for your own talent there.  Other social media channels such as Facebook have great targeting options that allow you to post jobs catering for certain demographics, and with specific job titles.  Making use of these tools can be of great use when it comes to recruitment.

Build a Strong Brand

This is more of a long-term strategy, but by building a strong brand, you should be able to attract your own talent.  Make your company well-known for treating employees well.  You could offer great employee benefits and perks, that in turn would make you an attractive prospect for any prospective candidates. Make sure you update your website and social media channels with info on your company culture, so people get a sense of who you are and what you offer.

If you are in the healthcare industry and struggling to recruit, then hopefully some of these tips will help you.  It is more challenging to find top talent within this sector – so you do need to be more innovative in your recruitment approach.

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