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Tired Of Wearing Glasses? Here Are Some Benefits Of LASIK Eye Surgery

Are you Tired of wearing glasses? Are you tired of wearing contact lenses?

In that case, you are a good candidate for LASIK eye surgery. LASIK, a laser vision correction procedure, as the name implies, uses laser to reshape the cornea’s to improve one’s vision. It is long-term correction, unlike eyeglasses and contact lenses that offer temporary correction. According to reports, more than 95 percent of people who underwent LASIK eye surgery are satisfied with the result of the procedure.

There a bit of fear and stigma connected with LASIK, especially since a lot of people do not understand the technology being used for it. But LASIK eye surgery is safe and painless. And it does not require a long period of recovery.

So, are you tired of wearing glasses? Are you still not convinced that LASIK is for you? Here are some of the benefits of LASIK eye surgery:

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Patients who did LASIK eye surgery mostly agree that they do not experience any kind of pain during the procedure. The procedure is not an intrusive surgery; in fact, it only requires local anesthesia to numb the eyes. Some patients do experience a little bit of pain during the eye surgery, but it isn’t excruciating.

Because it is not an intrusive surgery, it requires very little healing time. This means it is not common for patients to go to work and live their usual lifestyle a day after the operation. There are no bandages and stitches required for the operation, allowing patients to go on with their normal day-to-day schedule after 24 hours. Patients may experience light sensitivity and dry eyes after the procedure, but only for a day or two.

As mentioned earlier, 95 percent of patients who went through the procedure get 20/40 visual acuity; 85 percent, meanwhile, achieved 20/20 vision. This means a lot of things, of course — you get better vision, primarily, which would improve the quality of your life drastically.

It goes without saying that: if you are tired of wearing glasses? When you undergo LASIK, you wouldn’t have to anymore. At the very least, it will dramatically reduce your need for corrective glasses or contact lenses, though additional LASIK eye procedure can further fix this.

The result of a LASIK eye surgery is long-term; follow-up surgery is not usually necessary. There are occurrences, of course, when your eyesight will change due to age, in which case another procedure may be necessary to fix it. But this takes years.

Are the risks and disadvantages to LASIK eye surgery? It is definitely safe; as with any type of surgery, there are risks, but they are minimum, the risk depending on the health of the patient and the general status of the patient’s eyes. Possible side effects include dry eyes, over or under correction, and vision regression. Of course, a lot of the side effects are temporary. If you are considering LASIK, ask your doctor if you are a good candidate for the procedure. But, in general, it has a very good success rate with the advantages being far outweighed by the risks.

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