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Three Ways Online Payment Can Enhance Your Personal Training Career

In today’s modern, digital world, we are seeing less and less cash used in favour of credit cards and other forms of online payment. Eventually, your clients will need to pay you and will want the payment process to be as painless as possible. With cash fast becoming less of an option and clients wanting modern payment methods, effective personal trainers need to take advantage of technology and online payments can really help them to move forward in their careers and in building a client list.

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Here are some ways that accepting online payments can improve you personal training career:

  1. It’s easier and faster for clients: Clients love it when they do less and get more. If the nearest ATM is one mile away, it will take time and energy for clients to drive there and take out cash. They will be tired even before starting their training session. If clients know that it’s easier for them to pay for services, it is less likely for them to switch to a different trainer. Online payments that can be used include TrainerSync, GoCardless and PayPal.
  2. Can take advance payments: Advance payments can be used to motivate clients. Because clients have already paid in advance, their no-show rate will drop and your schedule will remain full. The rate of cancellation will also be lower and this is a good thing for your career, because you will earn more. An advance payment should be enough to cover six sessions of training so that after a client reaches this phase, they will know what to expect and they can already be seeing results from their training sessions.
  3. Clients will buy extra services: More sales mean more revenue, which is also a good thing for your career. Digital payment is a perfect way to ensure that your clients are eager to buy more services from you. When offering a service, make sure that clients will get real benefits from them and that they will find value in the service offered. You could create an online brochure that can provide important information about your personal training program and any related services that you offer.

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