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Three Important Roles in Physical Therapy

By definition, physical therapy is the process of treating people with movement issues. Many illnesses and physical injuries can block movement or cause intense pain. People who work as physical therapists, therapy aides and assistants can help you recover from pain. All these professionals work with a single goal! They want people to move and feel better. Their roles differ from one to another. But, all of them are educated and licensed to work on patients with movement troubles. In the long run, physical therapists can improve a person’s quality of life. They contribute exhaustively to physical treatments. With this being said, here are three different types of professionals who help in physical therapy.

The list of professions begins with “Physical therapists”. Of the three, physical therapists have the highest number of responsibilities. A physical therapist is responsible for drafting treatments that can help and cure patients. They develop plans with desired results. Most physical therapists are trained to offer the following services:

  • Improve a patient’s mobility
  • Reduce pain
  • Restore a person’s mobility
  • Reduce the risks of physical disabilities

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Role #1 – Physical Therapist

Physical therapists need high levels of training and education. To become a successful physical therapist like physical therapy Orange county, they should earn a Bachelor’s and a Doctor’s Degree. Now, an individual should spend between 6 to 7 years for a Bachelors and degree in Doctor of Physical Therapy. Once a physical therapist completes his/her education, they need field training. To work in a clinic, they should be licensed by local and state authorities. Also, the physical therapist must complete the National Physical Therapy Exam. This is a length, 5-hour examination. As you complete the clinical training and educational programs, you will make an annual salary of 84,000 USD. This is three times more than the earnings of a physical therapist assistant.

Role #2 – Physical Therapist Assistants

Physical therapist assistants are a step below the “Physical Therapists”. As suggested by its name, assistants help in delivering treatments to an affected individual. The patient will be monitored and supervised by physical therapist assistants. In some healthcare facilities, the physical therapist assistant is allowed to improve and implement treatment plans. Assistants don’t need exhaustive education. An Associate Degree will be sufficient. This degree takes between 2 to 3 years to complete. It included clinical work and classroom training. Physical therapist assistants have to complete the National Physical Therapy Examination for Assistants. This is a 4-hour exam. On an average, physical therapist assistants make 55,000 USD every year.

Role #3 – Physical Therapy Aides

A step below physical therapist assistants would be the physical therapy aides. These professionals are not directly involved in the treatment plan. They help in preparing the venue for sessions. It is the physical therapist aide’s responsibility to keep the treatment area organized and clean. Aides are allowed to move patients from one treatment area to another. Well, aides don’t need extensive training. They can become physical therapy aides after diploma or high school. On an average, physical therapy aides make 25,000 USD every year.

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