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The Significant Role of an Ear Doctor in McLean, VA

Taking up the duties of a physician and a surgeon as dictated by the special needs of their clients, the skills and knowledge of an ear doctor or specialist are usually very useful not only in the examination but also the treatment of hearing conditions. In McLean, VA, it has been established that hearing loss is only a temporal condition that arises primarily from momentary causes like ear infections. Notwithstanding, in as much as majority of these infections have a tendency of responding positively to the prescribed antibiotics, which also completely restore hearing if possible, in some instances, the hearing conditions come from bad to worse. There is no reason to doubt that this is an occurrence that has very high chances of resulting into varied levels of permanent loss of hearing if not dealt with in a prompt and responsible manner. Whereas a skilled audiologist has the perfect capability of identifying the symptoms of both chronic and mild ear problems, they have no qualifications for treating the same. For this reason, in McLean VA, those who suffer from chronic hearing conditions are advised to visit a certified ear doctor as quick as possible if they are to save any chances of hearing again.

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In a conversation with one of the famous practicing ear doctor McLean VA, I came to learn that the young generation is more prone to hearing complications compared to the older people. The doctor explained that in addition to the children’s Eustachian tubes being horizontal in nature, they are also shorter and narrower than compared to those of adults, and this is why the children have higher chances of contacting ear infections. The horizontal shape and the short size of these tubes in the children makes it challenging for them to be dependent on gravity for the purposes of drainage, gradually creating a conducive breeding space for unwanted bacteria. As a way of countering this problem, an ear doctor will be forced to conduct a surgical procedure popularly referred to as myringotomy in scientific terms. In this process, the doctor perforates the eardrums and inserts soft grommets for the purposes of providing drainage. For the short time spent with the ear doctor, I discovered that stubbornly swollen adenoids and tonsils can as well be the leading cause of an infection, which might eventually result into loss of hearing if not dealt with quickly.

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