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The Difference Between Heat Not Burn and Normal Cigarettes

As people become increasingly aware of the long list of health problems that smoking cigarettes can provoke, more and more individuals are searching for an effective method of quitting.

It is no secret that putting down the packet is not a walk in the park. You may also have heard that picking up a vape pen can make this process a little easier.

However, for seasoned smokers who are used to the taste and feel of a regular cigarette, you may need an e cig with an extra boost to it.

Therefore, you may be happy to know that there are vaporizer options available that can closely mimic the sensations of smoking, and help you to ease your way into better health.

If you are looking for a way to make the transition into a cigarette-free life easier, read on to find a simple solution:

What is heat not burn?

Heat not burn products only heat tobacco and remove the need for combustion.

This is good news for seasoned smokers who are finding it slightly more challenging to give up the habit, as it provides a closer experience to smoking than any other quitting product available on the market.

The process of heating the tobacco produces a vapour containing nicotine, which will help to calm any withdrawal symptoms that you may be experiencing.

Image result for harmful chemicals taken in are significantly reduced

However, as the heated tobacco does not burn, the levels of harmful chemicals taken in are significantly reduced compared to cigarette smoke.

This will allow you to slowly get used to the vaporizer experience, without continuing to inhale large amounts of harmful substances.

How is it beneficial?

It has been found that the lower the temperature at which tobacco heats, the fewer toxic  chemicals are released into your body.

Therefore if you are using an Electronic Tobacco Vaporizer which heats your tobacco at a much lower temperature than a cigarette, you are actively taking steps to improve your health.

Such a device allows you to vape tobacco in a loose leaf form, which, as a natural substance, could be preferable to e-liquids for some users.

For example, if you are part of the small percentage of people who find that PG liquid causes irritation or pain in your throat, or if you are allergic to these liquids then you may want to try the heat not burn method.

Added flavour

Another benefit of using an electronic tobacco vaporizer is the flavour.

If you have found that you don’t enjoy the taste of tobacco e-liquid or think that its replication of the flavour isn’t up to scratch, then this could completely ruin the experience of vaping for you.

Vaping real tobacco is an excellent alternative and will provide you with the flavour of the real deal rather than a synthetic taste and most importantly, without the danger.

There you have it, proof that heated tobacco is one of the best steps to take on your journey towards quitting smoking. It is the perfect way to wean yourself off cigarettes and move towards a smoke-free life.

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