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TCM Medicine for Kidney Health

In Chinese medicine, the kidney, lungs, and liver are closely connected to each other. Being so, their functions are interrelated. It is also because of that fact why kidney diseases eventually lead to the failure of the liver and the lungs. And so it follows that the prevention of kidney diseases also means keeping the lungs and the liver healthy. You can visit the clinic online .

For the longest time, people rely on commercial medicine for chronic kidney disease treatment. While there is nothing wrong with that, patients should also be made aware of the long-term effects of taking such medicines prescribed to them. Most of them can leave harmful deposits in the body, causing other organs to fail eventually. That, along with the other common side effects of these medicines, is rarely disclosed by physicians.

But now that there is an all-natural kidney disease treatment that can help relieve all the symptoms of renal problems without having to worry about side effects, patients are given more options. This natural remedy is called Kilimend, and it is a powerful concoction of herbs and natural ingredients that are popularly used in Chinese medicine. Combined together, the remedy is very effective in delivering the patient’s relief and recovery from the many symptoms and complications of renal dysfunctions.

Kilimend comes in capsule form and is made from fermented cordyceps sinensis mixed with other components such as ergosterol, peptides, mannitol, organic acids, amino acids, vitamins, zinc, iron, calcium, and manganese. All of these create an overall healing effect that doesn’t just improve the condition of the kidneys, but also of the lungs and the liver.

Kilimend is also known to have other health benefits such as boosting one’s immunity, preventing inflammation, fighting off bacteria, and reducing cholesterol and other harmful fats. It can also prevent cancer while improving the functions of the heart. Additionally, Kilimend is also known to help slow down aging, a benefit that patients who decide to take it as a long-term healthcare regimen will enjoy.

Clinical tests were performed to prove the effectiveness of Kilimend against kidney diseases. The tests revealed the intensity of the therapeutic effect it provides to patients suffering from chronic nephritis or renal failure. And aside from improving the condition and overall functions of the kidney, the health of the renal arteries is also restored. The reduction of fats and cholesterol is also underway. If you to have more male sexual energy please click the link to buy herbal male libido enhancer.

To take advantage of the health benefits of Kilimend, the recommended dosage is 2 to 3 capsules thrice a day for people who are suffering from acute renal disorders. For those who will be using for kidney health maintenance, the dosage recommended is 1 to 2 capsules twice or thrice a day. It’s highly recommended that you consult with a qualified physician about the your ideal dosage.

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