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Some Common Causes of Toe Joint Pain

Toe joint pain is a regular problem. It might affect any of the toes; however, the most common problem is the big toe joint pain. While we walk, 90% of the body weight is on the big toe, also called hallux. Many people experience such situation and think, “why does my big toe hurt?”

Toe pain might indicate a range of problems involved with bones including fracture as well as soft tissues like tendonitis, skin or nails around the toes like an infection. For an effective treatment, you have to aware of the root cause of the issue. In this way, the treatment will be effective unless the problem might recur. However, proper medical attention is a crucial requirement.

Toe Joint Pain – Common Causes

Many common causes might be involved with the toe joint pain and some of them are as follows:

Gout: Gout is one of the common causes of big toe joint pain. Its classic symptoms might be sudden, severe pain, redness, inflammation, tenderness, and heat. Gout is more prominently involved with big toe joint pain called podagra; however, it might affect one of your other toes as well.

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If you are suffering from a high amount of uric acid in your body, then gout may develop. It is produced due to the formation of purine by your body. It is a substance that can be discovered some drink and food. It eventually forms urate crystals that make a collection in the toe joint and develop inflammation.

Hammer/ Claw Toe/ Mallet: Another usual cause of the toe pain develops while the small toe bones have become misaligned. Three joints are there in each of the toes (and two joints in the big toe) that enables the toe to move up and down and bend. The problems can occur in any of them. Based on the affected joint, the problem involves with different names, such as Hammer Toe, Mallet Toe, and Claw Toe.

Bunions: Bunions are also called hallux valgus. These are a common reason for big toe joint pain. With the passing time, the big toe start shifting its position and the toe top start turning inwards and the toe bottom starts pushing outwards that form a lump. Females frequently become the victim of Bunions because of wearing ill-fitting shoes responsible for squashing the toes. Now, it can be hoped that you might have some idea about your question regarding why does my big toe hurt? The treatment options of Bunions include wearing toe spaces, stretching exercises, pain relief etc. A consultation with a doctor is necessary in every case.

A number of other causes are also responsible for the toe joint pain.




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