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Solutions to Ensure your Diet Success

Following are 4 solutions to ensure your diet success:

Never recorded:
Probably most of them too much importance to record every food they consume and when they eat. Both the number of healthy foods like fruits and vegetables, especially foods that are far from healthy predicate. In fact, most people would eat more if it were treated to dessert or snacks that contain lots of sugar and fat.

Solution: Keep a diet diary, which is a record of your food intake daily. With a diet diary you’ll be more careful every time you want to enter a food into your mouth. Because you have to write it in your notes. The diary will also help you pinpoint situations that trigger you to overeat, and lead you to distinguish between consciousness and eating meals with lust.

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Sugar addiction:
Nearly everyone loves sugar, it tastes sweet. That is why sugar was never absent from the dining table or kitchen every household in Indonesia. Drinking tea or coffee even less savory taste without the presence of sugar in it. And in fact, the sweetness is an important parameter that affects the level of consumer preference towards a product is not rare, healthy foods like yogurt, oatmeal various taste it also contains lots of sugar.

Solution: Do not get used to eat sweets as a dessert after every meal. Make snacks such as special meals only on weekends. Read nutrition labels to limit the foods that list sugar as one of the main ingredient products. Likewise with food containing several types of sugars such as sucrose, corn syrup or glucose. Reduce foods that claim to healthy foods that actually contain lots of sugar. And reduce or even should avoid fizzy drinks, or switching to carbonated drinks are sugar free. This is one of ways to answer how to lose 10 pounds in a week.

Less eating nuts and legumes:
Leguminous leguminous such as soybeans, lentils, chickpeas, and lentils are the types of foods that are low in fat, filling, rich in fiber, protein and carbohydrates. So are nuts, such as peanuts, cashew nuts, these foods contain many nutrients that are very good for women. But unfortunately many of us consume only poiong-leguminous in small quantities.

Solution: Add the portions you eat legumes and nuts. Do it slowly, for about a week, to allow the body to adjust to changes in the addition of fiber in your diet. If you are a bit lazy to cook, you can buy the beans are ready to eat. Importantly, note the levels of sodium, salt and ways of processing these foods. In order not to get bored, you can meraciknya into various foods such as salads, soup, or a gado-gado, or pureed beans,

Less fiber:
Compared to eating fruits, vegetables or grain products rich in fiber, carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals, you may prefer to consume cakes, pastries and donuts are made with added fat, sugar, salt and additive materials. In fact, foods derived from wheat flour is one of the largest sources of saturated fat in our diet.

Solution: You can substitute white bread, noodles or cake with whole-grain bread, cereal or pasta. In order to taste more delicious, you can mix cereal with fresh fruit, or whole wheat bread with slices of chicken breast and vegetables. If you like to snack, try changing the snacks-sweets with fresh fruits.

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