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Reliving your feet with pain

People who are fitness freak and love to do a lot of exercise and running, face the problem of Morton’s neuroma. This condition of leg can make the ladies also bear the pain if they happen to wear high heeled sandals. If you happen to have such painful condition you can get in touch with The Center for Morton’s Neuroma.

What is Morton’s Neuroma?

It is the condition of the feet which is caused by excessive walking and exercising. It is generally caused by wearing narrow or high healed shoes. It happens to ladies four times more than men. It is caused by the high impact activities which put extra pressure on the feet which presses the ligaments of the particular area and thus resulting in the thickening of the nerve.

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Causes of Morton’s neuroma

  • It is caused by excessive walking or running. It is caused by any activity which puts a lot of pressure on the ligaments of the toes.
  • It is also caused by high heel shoes and sandals or the shoes which are tight and do not allow the movement of feet.
  • Deformities like hammer toes, bunions and flat feet could be one of the reason for this condition of the leg.

How to get rid of this disease?

  • Wearing more supportive shoes can help in improving this condition of the leg as it provides better support and space for the movement of the leg.
  • Radio frequency ablation helps in the treatment of neuroma. It is the process in which the sensory nerve in the center of the neuroma is heated to 90* centigrade. At this heat the protein present is broken up, at this temperature and the nerve is destroyed, thus the pain subsides. The patient starts feeling relief from the pain after one week of the treatment.


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