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Physical Therapy

If you suffer from any of a variety of physical ailments, you may benefit from physical therapy specialists in orange county.A physical therapist can help you improve the range of motion of a joint after surgery, in cases of arthritis, and after periods of inactivity. Or the goal of physical therapy may also be pain reduction. Many people who have been addicted to pain medications find relief with physical therapy and are able to quit their medications. And, for example, if a patient has a back problem that may require surgery the surgeon will often send the person for physical therapy and if pain reduction is achieved the patient avoids a painful and costly operation.

A mainstay of physical therapy is patient education. Once a physical therapy regime has improved a back or joint problem the physical therapist educates his or her patients so that they can manage their own pain or mobility issues with a home regime and only occasional visits to the therapist.

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On the first patient visit, the physical therapist carries out a thorough and comprehensive exam. Then he or she set up a treatment program using both passive and active exercises. Typical goals are to reduce pain and to improve joint, back or neck range of motion. The treatment plan always includes patient education so that eventually the person can take care of most of their issues without continual professional help.

Many people first see a physical therapist in a hospital setting but these licensed professionals work in outpatient clinics, wellness centers, sports medicine facilities, nursing homes and in workplace settings.

The goal of physical therapy is not only to treat but to prevent problems. Passive treatment methods include massage, electrical stimulation ultrasound, phonophoresis, and application of light and heat. Virtually always passive therapies are combined with and eventually replaced by active exercise regimes.

The medical disciplines which require the assistance of a physical therapist include orthopedics, neurology, geriatrics, pediatrics and cardiopulmonary medicine. When a patient has an active disease and is under the direct care of a physician the physical therapist works closely with the patient’s doctor to achieve improvement of cure of the patient’s condition. The desired end result may be full recovery after hand surgery or it may be pain reduction and reduction or avoidance of strictures in the case of paralysis of the extremities after a stroke.

Sports medicine is an arena in which the physical therapist deals with basically healthy athletes to help them recover from minor injuries or deal with the wear and tear of their sport later in their career.

You may hear the term physiotherapist instead of a physical therapist. They are basically the same.

The following are some of the issues that physical therapists are licensed to do:

Formulate a diagnosis, prognosis and treatment plan

Carry out comprehensive examination of the patient

Evaluate the findings of the extermination/intervention and making clinical judgment to help the patient

Offer consultation with the client on their expertise and suggest whether or not they need to seek a second opinion

Implement the physical therapy treatment program

Give recommendations to the client on self-management

Benefits of Physical Therapy

Helps to maximize movement

Avoids opioids such as depression, addiction, and overdose

Hastens recovery

Helps to avoid surgery

Physical therapy is of great importance in the life of an individual with an illness, injury or disorder. It sees the patients through all the stages in the healing process from the time of diagnosis all through the recovery period until there is stability. This is because it works to reduce or stop the pain, prevent surgery, prevent falls, facilitate recovery, improve stability and manage age-related problems based on the reason for the treatment.

Physical therapists work hand in hand with their partners to enhance mobility and prevent disability before it occurs. This is made a success by drafting programs aimed at facilitating a healthy living such as identifying a specific exercise for an exact problem in question. Moreover, they guide patients in ideal ways to prevent and control certain conditions hence promoting a healthy lifestyle for them.

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