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Penis Enlargement and Medication.

There are lot of medicines available for Penis enlargement. Many of them available online easily to anyone.

Main problem with these medication are that harmfulness and side effects in the long run. These medication cause heart problem, kidney failure and other health related issues.

These supplements are advertised by the supplement industry with great hype and fake testimonials, which ultimately make us believe that are panacea for all our bed issues.

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Natural Enlargement techniques and courses :

There are safe ways to improve our penis health. Natural supplements like Ginseng, Asparagus, Horse weed and Cistanche are some natural herbs which help achieve desired size naturally.

These help our body to produce biochemicals which are essential for proper growth.

Exercise for desired size :

Performing elongation exercise helps to achieve desired growth in our penis. Our penile tissues starts becoming more longer and blood retention capacity increases which result in mass development.

There are courses online like PE bible , Penis Advantage which shows how to perform workouts.

Some common workouts like :

Jelqing : It is also known as the milking where we apply pressure from the base of the penis till the shaft, which increases blood flow in the tissues. Performing this workout increases girth of the organ.

Stretching :Quite simple to perform stretching the penis front ways, down and upward in a proper movement causes increase is length. Main thing we should keep in mind is warm up properly so that there is no injury while performing the workout.

Massage of the Organ : Massage help the muscle and surround cells and blood vessels to perform better function which result in proper availability of the biochemicals for development.

Apart from these, body should be properly hydrated with drinking 2 liters or more water. Water maintains proper blood circulation in our body.

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