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New Patient Registration at Avalon Medical Group

The number of patients is increasing day by day in this world. No matter the place or country you can see a rush of people in healthcare centers big or small alike. Even in the remotest part of a country, there are medical centers and they too are filled with patients wanting to get treatment for some disease or other.

In this scenario, it becomes difficult for the patients to get in touch with the doctors with ease. Due to the heavy influx of patients at some medical facilities, people have to wait for a number of days just to get a consultation with the doctor. Moreover the formalities one has to fulfill in order to get in touch with a doctor further tests their patience. Although these hospitals are ready to help the patients in every single administrative matter but still it becomes a cause of inconvenience for some.

But Avalon Medical Group has indeed understood this issue; they have shared all the information that is required by the patient beforehand when he/she wants to consult a doctor. Read more for knowing the details and formalities that you need to fulfill:

  1. Patient information form should be properly filled in with all the details required. The form is available on the official website of the group.
  2. Information regarding the previous medication and prescriptions, if any.
  3. Details of allergies that patient may or may not have.
  4. Identity proof; driver’s license etc.
  5. Insurance documentation and cards
  6. The record of payment due at the time of service.

In addition to all these services their convenient methods of payment makes it easy for the patients and their caretakers to get treatment without a stick over their head.

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