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Lab Ovens For Sale, How to Sell On Your Lab Ovens

When the time comes to give your lab a makeover, getting rid of new equipment to make way for the old is not always easy. It is highly likely that the equipment which you do have such as lab ovens, nitrogen glove boxes and fume hoods, still have some value in them either financially, or practical value which can be used by other people, so throwing things out is really not an option. There are however, many options of how you can get rid of your old lab equipment, and potentially make some money out of it too, let’s take a look how.


The first thing which you need to work out is how much you will charge for each piece of equipment. If someone is on the lookout for lab ovens for sale for example, they will already have a price in their mind as to what they are willing to pay. With this in mind then, it is important that you do a bit of research on how much you should be charging for each piece of equipment which you want to get rid of. 

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You also need to be aware that you may not be able to get rid of your items as soon as you may like and so you need to have somewhere that you can store your lab equipment whilst you are waiting to get rid of it. You may get lucky when you are selling your products and get rid of them very quickly, but more often than not, you may have to sit on the equipment for a while as you are waiting to get rid of it. If you have a rush to get the new products in, then you may have to have some financial liability until you get rid of the old gear.

Online Marketplace

There are many marketplaces online which you can find where there are people looking to both buy and sell lab equipment. It makes sense for you to list everything that you are looking to sell on these sites so that you can push for buyers. Don’t just pick one marketplace, make sure that you cast your net wide in terms of looking for buyers.

Calling Schools and Education Institutes

As part of looking for someone to buy your equipment, you should be cold calling schools or educational institutes who may be able to use your old equipment. Very often these kind of institutions have limited budgets and so getting hold of high quality lab equipment at a low price could really appeal to them. Whilst marketplaces online may be a wonderful way in which you can sell your old equipment, you also need to go a but old-school in your endeavours to get rid of your old lab gear, especially if you have a rush to sell them in order to buy new pieces.

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