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IVF Fertility Treatment – Facts and Safety to Boost Fertility

In the present time, you can easily find the couples around you dealing with infertility problems. Usually, problems come 40% from the end of women and 40% from the men and the remaining 20% from their combination but in some cases problem may be only from one side.  Well, it does not matter; problem is occurring from which side, there is IVF technology that has made it possible for you to have your own child. Below mentioned are some facts about IVF fertility treatment:

  • If you have problem from your side like poor egg quality and you are going to use donor’s egg then you need to know that younger the eggs you will use, the chances of IVF success will be higher. For example if you are 40 plus and you donor’s age is 23 then there are better chances of IVF success.
  • It has been found in studies that often men ejaculate or masturbate, they produce healthier sperm. So, if you are looking to go through IVF cycle then most frequent masturbate can help in getting official sperm sample that contributes to the IVF success rates.
  • The number of eggs harvested cannot be fertilized in the same number because in IVF cycle eggs are screened carefully and then healthy small portion of the host of group is taken to create embryos.

 What safety measure you need to take when going through IVF procedure?

 As IVF is a medical practice and you need to take some safety measures to be ensured about the success rates. According to IVF specialist of Bloom Reproductive Institute, things like sexual intercourse, heavy lifting, strenuous exercise, even in some conditions bath, need to be avoided.  You should take progesterone; follow the diet and things instructed by the doctor. You should do not miss up even a single appointment with the doctors.

What things you need to follow during the IVF process

Healthy diet is must

Women who are undergoing IVF process need to start taking healthy diet. They should eat the foods that can help in increasing the chances of fertilization. Nutritious meals are there to help in producing healthy eggs and support in embryo implantation. You need to take 4 to 6 small meals every day.  Every meal should contain the complex carbohydrate such as quinoa or brow rice intermixes with fresh vegetables and fruits. Complex carbohydrate is there to strengthen the reproductive organs and energize the cells.

Drink lots of liquids

Drinks are vital for any person living a normal life or undergoing the medical process as they are there to flush out the impurities and toxins from the body.  Fluids have positive effect on the IVF process too. In many IVF cases, it has been found that women have to suffer from ovarian hyper stimulation syndrome because of the medication that is injected during this process. It can cause unbearable pain and swollen ovaries. This health problem can be avoided if the women drink 3 to 5 liters  of water or fruit juices.

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