Thursday, February 21, 2019


Petting animals at home is awesome, pets serve as stress relievers, companions in our everyday lives, and entertainment. It is nice to know look forward to going home because you have someone to go home to. Pets are also good cuddling buddies, and are very compassionate in loving humans.,but just like what our elders say, having a pet is like having an offspring; they demand love, care, and time. The price to pay when you have a pet at home is usually high. You have to clean your house every time because if not, your home will be smelly and filled with dust, pet hair, feathers, and dirt are everywhere which might actually cause allergy and rhinitis to you and your family. But you don’t have to worry, because nature is doing its work.

Negative ions are group of molecules that lost electrical charges. They are created by nature as air particles break apart because of sunlight, movement of air and water, and radiation. They clean and purify the air we are breathing. Electrons, aside from being good for our breathing and health, they are also nature’s gift and are very accessible since they are from natural resources. It is very beneficial for us human beings because it helps us in many ways.

But since modern homes and civilization are preventing us from acquiring the amount of electrons our body needs. Ion generators were developed in order to give us the negative ions we need, and are proven safe for humans. Although this device is effective in purifying the air inside your home especially pet dander, before buying your very first ion generator, you have to know the pros and cons of having one, and the first question here is… is having an ion generator at home safe for animals?

Here are the things you need to know before buying an ion generator if you have pets:

  • Ion generator works in two ways – 1) It removes harmful substances in the air. 2) It also works with odor and removes the unpleasant smell your house usually has if you have pets.
  • Do not purchase an ion generator that emits ozone – An ion generator is an air purifier that destroys bacteria, fungi, viruses, and gives us pure oxygen as a replacement of these particles in the air.
  • Not all generators are beneficial to pets – Ozonator is the kind of air generator that is bad for birds
  • High level of ozone created by ion generators can decrease the lung function.

When you have a cat or dog at home, allergies can be severe because of the saliva their hair contains when they clean themselves. Their saliva contains allergens that are obtained when they lick themselves, it becomes dust when it dries and disperses when the owner strokes their pet. Aside from regular cleaning of the pets, beddings, rugs, and other fabrics, having an ion generator is suggested for better purification of air.

When your pet is a bird, the biggest challenge for you is the smell. Their feathers also bring allergens that can give you allergies, not only their feathers, but also their urine and feces that gives airborne dusts. An air purifier is recommended to cleanse the air around your house, but be careful in choosing an ion generator, the one you may purchase might harm your bird.

Other pets, just like those mentioned above, when caged, can have frequent contact with their own urine that can give an even more irritating allergen when it dries. Considering irritation and allergy should be done first before buying a pet, and since a lot of us are animal lovers, taking care of the environment is the best way to keep both humans and animals healthy and allergy-free.

Pets improve our lives and become our family, ensuring their and our safety is the best thing we can do for them aside from giving them their needs. If buying an ion generator came across your mind, you can check and purchase your very own air purifier.

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