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Intimate moments guaranteed to you

Every man wants to enjoy intimate moments of life with his female partner. There are certain restrains which prohibit the individuals from enjoying those moments. These are the excessive stress full life, ageing factor, suffering from diabetes’s and patients from heart attack are unable to enjoy the intimate moments of life. Majority of people suffer from erection problem of men genital due to excessive usage of tobacco and alcohol and increasing age leads to this problem. You need not to worry anymore as the leading pharmaceutical company has come with a solution to your problem. Cipla is introducing the wonder chemical used in the Viagra and so named their drug also with cipla Viagra.

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Who can take this drug?

  • Anyone who is suffering from erection problem due to aging factor can take this drug. With growing age the metabolic activities starts to slow down resulting in lowering the amount of blood pressure in the male genital part resulting in the erection problem.
  • Anyone who is showing lesser interest in sexual activities due to the side effect of diabetes.
  • Individuals who are facing the genital erection problem due to excess use of tobacco and alcohol.

How the drug works?

The drug tries to block the certain enzyme which makes the blood flow to the male part which results in better and prolonged erection. It provides better sexual pleasure in spite of increasing age, thus providing completeness to your life.

Side effects

The drug should be taken 30 to 120 minutes earlier to the sexual activity with your partner. The maximum dosage of the drug is 100 mg and in no case it should be increased more than this. The increase in the dosage may cause dizziness, diarrhea and headache but they are rarely, reported. The side effect depends upon the body condition of the individual.

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