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How To Warm Up The Synthetic Urine

So you’ve happened upon a stroke of good fortune and obtained a desirable position. You’re capable, ambitious, and hard-working, and all around excellent employee. Yet, a single issue bars you from considering your new opportunity with complete joy: your employer has requested you take a drug test. Second to obtaining the urine of a friend or family member that does not partake in drug use, purchasing synthetic urine is your best option for passing your employer’s mandatory drug test.

Synthetic urine is a chemical mixture comprising water and a variety of chemical compounds, many of which are found in real urine as well, and is a safe and hygienic alternative to actual urine for clinical, educational, and fetish-related sexual purposes.Unlike real urine, synthetic urine is stable at room temperature and will not grow rancid and harbor bacteria if left out of the refrigerator. When using synthetic urine for an employee drug test, it is vital that it be kept warm to mimic the natural temperature of genuine urine. Human urine naturally falls within the range of 94-96 degrees F°. According to new guidelines, the supervisory personnel overseeing your drug test will typically test your urine’s temperature within 5 minutes of receiving it, at which point they will consider all temperatures ranging from 90-100 degrees F° as acceptable temperatures for processing your urine without suspicion.

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One method of warming urine is to rely on an ubiquitous device found in nearly every household: the microwave. Since near all people have access to a microwave, this is the cheapest option for most people as it does not require additional purchases or equipment. The primary issue with using a microwave to heat your urine is that if done incorrectly, the heat can destroy the inorganic compounds in the synthetic urine and render it useless. Most methods of urine drug testing will be able to identify the absence of these chemical compounds that identify the synthetic urine as real. The suggested time that most people report the most success with is microwaving their synthetic urine in a suitable container for approximately ten seconds. Ten seconds in the microwave should bring the temperature of the synthetic urine to about 100 degrees F°, the maximum temperature acceptable for a urine drug test.

If a microwave is not immediately available or if you prefer a method with minimal risk of denaturing the synthetic urine, a hand warmer can be used. These devices can also be purchased from all major retailers and many niche marijuana shops. To heat your synthetic urine with a hand warmer, envelope your sample in the hard warmer. If the urine will not maintain its position in the hand warmer, you may use rubber bands, hair elastics, or strings to hold the urine in place. Continuously check the urine’s temperature to verify that it is reaching a desirable temperature with a thermometer. If you have purchased a synthetic urine kit designed for this purpose, it may come packaged with temperature strips for users to monitor the synthetic urine’s temperature. Synthetic urine can be warmed in a hand warmer as often as needed.

If neither of these options are available, you may use your own body heat to maintain the synthetic urine’s temperature. The human body is standardly 98.6 degrees F°, though this figure varies slightly among individuals. Inguinal regions (the area between your crotch) is the warmest region of the human body, particularly for men whose testicles require a warm temperature to support sperm vitality. Women may prefer to store their synthetic urine in their bras for comfort, as the chest is the second warmest area on the human body. This method may take a longer period of time for the urine to reach a suitable temperature. As with all other methods, the urine temperature should be periodically checked to verify the process’s success. Regardless of the selected methods of keeping the synthetic urine warm, the sample should be kept in one of these region’s post-warming on the way to the drug screening session to maintain its temperature. The urine should be heated as much as you can tolerate (within the acceptable range) for body storage before attending the drug screening, as the temperature may naturally fall several degrees between the initial heating and time of the actual drug test.


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