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How to Care for your Elderly Parents Effectively

Your parents will be forever your superheroes, but they will age and lose their superpowers. Their physical and cognitive skills will take a hit. Taking care of elderly parents is one of the most challenging tasks you’ll have to do with their child. Yes, there are elderly care Houston providers if you’re in the Texas region and you can also hire in-house nannies to help you care for your elderly parents.

Here are your other considerations and options when you start caring for your aged parents.

Make sure you care for yourself first

The first rule in caring for others is to take care of yourself first. By caring for yourself, you’ll have the strength and patience in taking care of your elderly parents. So eat well, have at least seven hours of sleep and exercise. Taking care of yourself will also you give you the energy and patience in dealing with them as they could get cranky and frustrated.

Seek help

You can’t do everything on your own. You have a job and other responsibilities as well. Seek help from your siblings. You can schedule to take turns in taking care of your parents. Do your best to get a professional caregiver so that for the most part, the needs of your elderly parents will be taken care of.

Your elderly parents might have special medical conditions like Alzheimers and Parkinsons. It is best to understand their situation by seeking advice from doctors and applying their advice. Ignorance of their medical situation will lead to frustration and strained relations, so it’s best to immerse yourself in your parent’s situation. Remember this will be a difficult time as roles will be reversing, i.e., you’re doing the extensive care on them instead of them taking care of you. So they will be adjusting significantly this period as well. Be patient, compassionate and use empathy.

Create a financial plan

Medical care is expensive especially relating to special medical conditions which would require prescription medicines. Find out if your parents have a medical insurance plan that can help alleviate the costs. If not, it’s time to sit down with them and your siblings to create a financial plan that works for all.

Create a safety plan

Your elderly parents are vulnerable to safety issues. It’s best to create a safety plan to ensure that they don’t get injured unnecessarily. This means ridding the house of tripping hazards like power cords. You should also put brighter bulbs along the walkways. The water heater in your bathroom should also be removed, or the temperature is lowered to avoid scalding. In the toilet, you should install grab bars and put no-slip flooring on the tiles.

If you can afford it, you can purchase a personal alarm system for your elderly parents. This system allows them to call for help instantly.  You can also install CCTV cameras in your home to be able to monitor their situation and improve their safety conditions.

If the situation is really difficult for all parties, then having them inside an elderly home would be the best situation because they are equipped with the right personnel and tools to deal with them. Just make sure you visit them often so that their emotional needs are met.

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