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How Affordable are Dentists in Thailand for Aussies and Kiwis?

Many people in Australia and New Zealand seek dentists in Thailand to avoid the pricey ones in their hometown. Dental procedures can cost a fortune Down Under. This makes dental tourism in Thailand a big industry. If you’re thinking about getting a dental procedure done in Thailand, one of the first things you should do is understand how affordable are the dentists in Thailand.

The Price Difference

The price difference is the biggest driving forces behind dental tourism. So how much can you expect to save on your dental procedure by getting it done in Thailand instead of Down Under? Let’s look at the cost comparisons for a few dental treatments:

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Cost of All-on-4 in Australia: AUD $33,915

Cost of All-on-4 in New Zealand: NZD $34,850

Cost of All-on-4 in Thailand: AUD $13,980, NZD $15,310

Cost of Implants in Australia: AUD $5,098

Cost of Implants in New Zealand: NZD $5,238

Cost of Implants in Thailand: AUD $2,414, NZD $2,643

Cost of Veneers in Australia: AUD $1,623

Cost of Veneers in New Zealand: NZD $1,667

Cost of Veneers in Thailand: AUD $457, NZD $500

As you can see, the price difference is enough to cover the cost of travel andaccommodation. Even if the cost comes out to be the same for a certain procedure, it’s like you get a vacation for free.

How are Dentists in Thailand Able to Charge So Less?

So, what is the reason behind these wonderful prices you witnessed above? Many people erroneously think that it’s because of the inferior quality of dental care in Thailand. That the clinics there are sub-standard or dentists are less qualified or experienced than in Australia and New Zealand.

But the actual reasons behind the low cost of dentists in Thailand are quite reassuring. There are 3 main reasons for the lower dental prices:

  • Running a dental clinic in Thailand costs much less than it does Down Under.
  • Living expenses in Thailand are lower than in Down Under, making it easier for dentists in Thailand to charge much less and still live big like their counterparts in Australian and New Zealand.
  • There’s a strong competition among the dental clinics in Thailand, which keeps prices in check.

Finding Affordable Dentists in Thailand

So how do you find these affordable dentists? One of the best places you can visit is Dental Departures. This dental tourism portal brings together the most relevant and useful information on the top clinics and dentists in Thailand. Here you can read clinic descriptions, patient reviews, compare prices and look at before & after photos. The team also ensures that only the most reliable dentists and clinics are features on this portal.

No matter how much money you’re saving, you should never compromise on your health. Thankfully, there are many brilliant yet affordable dentists in Thailand. With a little research and smart planning, you can plan a dental holiday to Thailand, enjoying the best dental care and a vacation as well.

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