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High protein diet for the vegetarians

This myth is well distributed and circulated among the calorie conscious people that you have to consume non vegetarian food if you want to have high protein diet. It is correct that the animal meat provides very good source of protein but it is equally true that there are many plants that produce products, which are rich source of protein and many other essentials which are required by the body to build up strong muscles. There are a number of high protein vegetables which provide good source of protein for the body. Thus, those body builders who want to build up their body but want to avoid the animal protein can go for the plant food.

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Best vegetarian source of protein

  • Soybean: This is the bean which contains very good amount of protein. One cup of soybean can give you 28 gm of protein which could be gained from 150 gm of chicken. Soybean is not only rich in protein it also contains 17 gm of carbohydrate and 15 gm of fat. Thus, making the soybean a must to eat food for the calorie conscious athletes, players and body builders.
  • Edamame: This is the green soybean which is cooked while still it is in pod. This food can provide you 22gm of protein. This is another rich source of protein.
  • Lentils: Although all the products from the leguminous plants are good source of protein but lentils win the race. This soybean rich food can provide you 18 gm of protein with each cup of cooked lentils along with 230 calorie of energy along with micro nutrients like foliate, phosphoprus, thiamine and iron. Thus, it could be another good diet for body builders.
  • Spinach: This is rich leafy super food which is a good source of protein; along with minerals and antioxidants .The half cup of cooked spinach can provide you 3 gm of protein along with various minerals and anti oxidants.

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