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 Have a sound sleep with weighted blanket

You might have seen many people complaining that they do not get a sound sleep. May be one of your loved one would also be suffering from such problems. You should be ensured that this problem not only occurs due to the insomnia but it can be due to the bedding especially blanket used at night. Of course, blanket plays an important role in making one have a longer and sound sleep.  There are different types of blankets available in the market which can be used to drape you on the bed, but weighted blanket for adults are considered as the best option to switch on.

 Weighted blanket help in fighting with anxiety

Weighted blankets are quite safe for using and help to relieve anxiety in both children and adults. According to weighted blanket users, such blankets help them in getting themselves in the state of relaxation and promote deep and longer sleep. With such blanket you can easily ground your body through forcing it downwards. This process is quite calming. These blankets also benefit users by stimulating DPT that stands for deep pressure touch which is known as therapy. It also stimulates hand-on force that is very effective in relieving high level of anxiety and chronic stress.

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In many studies, it has been proven that grounding helps in reducing the nighttime cortisol level that is a stress hormone. Cortisol is tended to be produced when one’s brain thinking one is under attack, to excite fight. Stress increases the level of cortisol.  Releasing of this cortisol can cause immune system problems. It can also have a bad impact on blood pressure and digestive tracts.

 Besides anxiety weighted blankets also help in other health problems

 Weighted blankets are also able to relieve the depression and insomnia symptoms by providing the relaxation and calm you that need at night on your bed. It also help in weight loss.

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