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Hair Transplant in Male Pattern Baldness

The pattern baldness in men is caused by the effect of the gene and hormone known as the Androgenic alopecia. The person who is affected by the genetic baldness experience the baldness with different grades and extent rated on the Norwood scale. The grade is classified into 7 categories that depend on the severity of the condition. As we all know that the character of the genetic calculation is transferred from the one generation to the next. However, the baldness caused by the genes is also hereditarily transferred from the parents to offspring. Both the maternal sides and the paternal sides are responsible for presenting the case of hair loss.

The only scientifically effective solution that gives the permanent hair back is the hair transplant procedure. The procedure of hair transplant in India gives you the best benefits of the affordable cost and the best facilities as the hair transplant cost in Delhi offers the choice of selection in terms of the best surgeon and the best clinic.

What is the cause of Male Pattern Baldness can be described through the following Points: –

The Androgen: The only responsible factor behind, causing the male pattern baldness is the hormone Androgen, a male sex hormone that is responsible for presenting the male sex characteristics as well as the hair growth. The male pattern baldness disturbs the hair growth cycle and the growth of hair follicle stops or gets shrunk. The produced hair gets shorter and thin day-by-day as an effect of the Androgen hormone with the catalytic formation of the DHT (Di-hydro Testosterone) by the enzyme 5-alpha reductase.

The Heredity: Having a family history of baldness in one’s life is a primary cause of baldness issue. Genes responsible for causing the baldness are transferred from either parent. The mother as well as the father sides’ is responsible for causing the issue as the male pattern baldness affects the men, whereas the female gets affected by the female pattern of hair loss.

Hormonal Changes & Medical Conditions: Hormones are at play in causing the hair loss, which accelerates the male pattern baldness. The hormonal changes can appear due to many reasons in which most important key factors are pregnancy, childbirth, and menopause or thyroid imbalances. Apart from this, the certain medical conditions like Alopecia areata, ringworm infection, and the Trichotillomania or the hair-pulling disorder causes the hair loss.

The Treatment that gives you the Permanent Result is the Hair Transplantation:

The hair transplant procedure is the only permanent option to solve the issue of male pattern baldness. The hair transplant is a scientifically approved technique of the shifting of the hair roots are done between the donor as well as the recipient areas of the scalp. The changing of the hair root location adopts the natural characteristic of hair roots and hence the transplanted roots behave like normal hair. The procedural benefits can be seen by experiencing the regrowth of hair as ones receive the permanent hair back that remains forever on the scalp.

The hair transplant surgery is performed by two methods, namely, the FUT hair transplant as well as the FUE hair transplant. Both the techniques are applied to treat the baldness, but the selection of a particular one depends upon several factors that are decided during the consultation session.


On the whole, we can say that receiving consultation session is inevitable in order to get the best method for the procedure as it also explains the state hair loss in terms of opting for the right technique at the right time according to the available grade of Norwood baldness.

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