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Erection Problems in Men

When a man has an erection problem, he cannot get or keep an erection that is firm enough to engage in sexual intercourse. An erection problem also is referred to as erectile dysfunction. In fact, a majority of men have erection problems at any age. Commonly, these issues are in older men who often have other health problems. What are the possible causes of erection problems? The following are some of the reasons for erection problems:  

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Primarily, stress is a medical health condition that affects how the brain signals the physical responses of your body. As a result, during an erection, stress may interrupt how the brain sends a message to the penis to allow extra blood flow. Continuous interruptions result to erection problems in men irrespective of the age. For instance, loss of a partner causes stress in older men due to loneliness.

Relationship problems

Relationship troubles have been a primary reason for erection problem in middle-aged men. In fact, the instances of stress hinder the brain from sending signals to the penis hence failing to allow an extra flow of blood. As a result, this can contribute to a cycle of ongoing erection dysfunction.

High blood pressure

Usually, high blood pressure damages the arteries causing them to become flexible and narrow. Consequently, blood flow reduces putting you at risk of heart attack and stroke. Also, it limits blood that circulates to your penis. Failure to treat high blood pressure, erection problems may occur. However, some treatments for high blood pressure may impair sexual function and cause erection problems.  Findings by authors of ‘One study’ indicate that 30% of men with high blood pressure also have erection problems. It is worth noting that not all hypertension medications cause erection problems. The focal point of an investigation by medics is to find a remedy that treats high blood pressure without causing erection problems.

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Diagnosis of an erection problems

An accurate diagnosis may include the following tests:

  • A Complete blood count should never be an omission test with an aim which of checking for low red blood cell counts.
  • Hormone profile to measure the levels both testosterone and prolactin
  • A nocturnal penile tumescence that measures one’s erection during sleep
  • A duplex ultrasound should help take pictures of the body tissues with the use of high-frequency sound waves.
  • Urinalysis which is essential to ensure the measure of protein and testosterone levels in urine is normal.

In conclusion, causes of erection problems can be physical and psychological or both. As a result, diagnosis is crucial as it indicates the cause of your erection problem. Primarily, your doctor will be in a position to give the appropriate treatment. Another solution is the Kamagra Jelly, which contains a selective inhibitor of the PDE-5 which offers the needed solution for erectile dysfunction.

As such, no more worries all you need is to distinguish some warning signs of a recurring problem. Visit a doctor if an erection problem is troubling you and be sure there is a potential treatment option for everyone in place.

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