Friday, March 22, 2019


Erectile dysfunction is a topic about men’s health that will never leave the cyberspace. It’s because every man has experienced erectile dysfunction at one point in their lives to another. In America alone, its estimated that about 18 million men above the age of 20 are affected by it.

It comes with frustration, pain, and sometimes a broken relationship because you can’t keep an erection long enough to satisfy a woman.

What is the typical cause of erectile dysfunction?

Poor health habits

Smokers, heavy alcohol drinkers, obese persons are more prone to suffer from erectile dysfunction than anyone else because of the poor health choices. Cigrate disrupts the blood flow from the heart to every part of the body like lungs, penis, etc.

Alcohol sends the wrong signal to your brain during sexual intercourse that it becomes difficult to stimulate the sexual organ for sexual performance.

Obesity doesn’t allow the free flow blood from the heart to the sexual organ of an obese person. During sexual intercourse, it becomes almost impossible to increase the blood flow from the heart to the necessary organs.


Psychological factors

Sex is always revered as a huge stress reliever, but stress can be a psychological factor hindering your sexual performance. Because you are stressed continuously and fatigued, your sex issues become complicated. Your brain can no longer get in the mood of sexual excitement, and this affects your performance.

Disease can cause ED

Health issues that affect our brains and heart are the chief reasons for erectile dysfunction. The less ability our neurological mind have in sending messages to our sexual organ the more you suffer from ED. When your heart isn’t being able to pump enough blood to every part of our body, it becomes a huge problem. Some of the diseases or health conditions that can cause such are;

  • Diabetes
  • ‎Parkinson disease
  • ‎Multiple sclerosis
  • ‎ Cardiovascular disease
  • ‎Metabolic syndrome and much more

To be able to treat erectile dysfunction, it’s possible to use technology, medicine and seeking the help of a professional as he advises you on lifestyle changes you need to make to ward it off.

Oral medication

Pills like Kamagra, have been known to help boost sexual performance for men. Kamagra Jelly is not a tablet. Therefore, it’s reactions are quicker than the most tablet, and it still gives you a lasting erection during sexual intercourse. It’s easy to swallow as some patients don’t like taking pills, with its pineapple taste.

The use of vacuum pumps

Vacuum pumps are becoming familiar for most people to use these days. It helps suck out the air from the penis and increases blood flow to that region. When the sexual organ is aroused, a ring is there to make sure it holds.

The best advice will be to talk to your physician if you have doubts regarding any treatment methods mentioned here and that of testosterone therapy, penile injection and many more.

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