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Erectile Dysfunction and Depression – Is there any Connection?

Whenever you are suffering from Erectile Dysfunction, a dual diagnosis of depression might be performed. You should have an appropriate idea about the technique of getting back your sex life along with your emotional health. Tadalafil Preisvergleich is a famous medicine used for Erectile Dysfunction.

Does any link exist between sexual dysfunction and depression? The answer is yes (according to the research). As per studies, 35 to 47 percent of individuals suffering from depression associated with the issues with their sex life. The 61 percent of individuals, who are experiencing severe depression, face sexual issues.

Maximum 40 percent of individuals using ordinary antidepressant medications give an opinion about the declination in sexual satisfaction. As per one study, 82 percent of men suffering from erectile dysfunction reported signs of depression as well.

The sexual urge causing one person to experience an erection initiates in the brain. While there are not sufficient brain chemicals for stimulating the flow of blood required for an erection, erectile dysfunction causes. Tadalafil Preisvergleich is a medicine that is used to treat Erectile Dysfunction. Depression encourages such brain chemicals to get an unstable condition and that signifies that you experience less sexual desire and you are unable to perform well.

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Warning Symptoms of Depression and Erectile Dysfunction

  • Erectile dysfunction is an ordinary problem. As per the estimation, half number of all men over the age of 50 will suffer from erectile dysfunction occasionally. However, you should know whether depression is involved with the problem or not. Some of the warning signs are as follows:
  • You have lost your sex desire and you will not feel sex as pleasurable.
  • The doctor has prescribed an antidepressant and this is influencing your sex life.
  • You begin to feel erectile dysfunction following a stressful life occurrence. As an instance, the loss of a dear one or a job or some other family trauma can be involved in this scenario.
  • You experience erectile dysfunction in addition to powerful feelings of frustration, anxiety, and stress.
  • Erectile dysfunction is involved with a negative feeling about yourself.

How to Handle Depression and Erectile Dysfunction

You have to overcome the tendency not to disclose it or assume it as a normal part of aging or part of stress as an initial step to get help for depression and erectile dysfunction.

In many scenarios, medical causes are linked to depression as well as erectile dysfunction. In most of the cases, both of such issues might be treated successfully.  Do not take any type of medicine without consulting a doctor.

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