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Does an Online Doctor Appointment Work?

Given the number of doctors available today in different hospitals and clinics, it is really easy to just make an appointment. The only problem is that some people don’t have the time to drive to the doctor’s clinic in time for the appointment. Once an appointment is cancelled, it might be difficult to set up another appointment.

This is why the idea of doing an online consultation with a doctor is becoming popular. It is where you just have to make an appointment for a specific time to meet with a doctor and you will have someone to speak with through video conferencing.

The same process is involved except that you are not physically in a doctor’s office. This seems weird at first, but there are illnesses that don’t necessarily require you to be in the clinic. You just have to explain what your current feelings are, and the doctor can make a diagnosis. You will then be prescribed medicine to start healing.

There are instances though in which an online doctor might refuse to accept appointments. This includes emergency situations where you have to really see a doctor to treat major wounds. Another is when there are more tests and procedures required to detect a disease. You can be referred to a local doctor though, so you can have an instant appointment.

They are real doctors

You might worry that you are making an appointment with a fake doctor. You don’t have to. All doctors online are real doctors who have studied medicine and got their license. If your illness is not what they have specialised in, they can refer you to another doctor who can provide you with better treatment.

In short, everything is the same. Only your physical presence in the hospital or clinic is different. Nevertheless, you will get the same expert advice and be prescribed with the right medicine. You can also seek redress if you felt like you were cheated or not properly treated. They are also bound by the same oath as all other doctors, so they need to provide you with the best treatment.

Just give it a try

You can take a look at a Virtual Dr App if you are interested in giving this idea a try. It is really easy to make an appointment.  If you feel pain and you need to speak with a doctor or you have a recurring illness without clear cause, speak with a doctor.

It is easier, more convenient and more affordable. If you have medical insurance, you can use it too. Some medical insurance providers are recognised by online doctors.

You can speak with the same doctor the next time if you were satisfied with the services provided. Conversely, you can request not to be seen by the same doctor if you felt like you were not treated properly. You just have to explain first what you think is happening to you based on how you feel, set up an appointment and wait until someone attends to your needs.

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