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Choosing the Best Medical Scrub that Suits your Needs

People in the medical profession carry a huge load of ensuring that the society remains healthy. However, one common problem in this field is the workforce shortage. According to World Health Organization, there is a current shortage of 7.2 medical personnel worldwide. The U.S has a total number of doctors exceeding one million. The number of nurses in this country is more than two million as of 2017. Apart from doctors and nurses, there are several other people in this profession such as pharmacists, dentists, clinical officers and the list is endless. Aside from saving lives, these people have another thing in common. They have to wear scrubs and uniforms at work.

One unknown fact about scrubs is that they were designed originally for surgeons and people who were actively involved in the operating room. However, in the course of time, the need for scrubs has gone beyond the four walls of the operating room. The history of medical uniform dates back to the 20th century during the Spanish flu.
With the technological advancement, the scrubs used today are better as compared to those used in the previous years. So, what is the importance of scrubs?

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Why Medical Professionals Should Wear Scrubs and Uniforms

  • Scrubs protect clothes from damage. Medical personnel always come into contact with chemicals and blood. They must protect their clothes from damage.
  • They are long-lasting. Scrubs are designed to endure harsh cleaning conditions which would otherwise be harmful to regular clothes.
  • They are comfortable. Due to the nature of work by medical professionals, they need to wear clothes that allow them to move around freely. Scrubs are loose fitting allowing the individual to move without restraint. Wearing tight clothes can distract the doctors from their purpose and make them unpresentable.
  • They make it easy for individuals to identify a person in the medical sector. Imagine a situation where you walk into a hospital and find everyone in civilian clothing. Such a case would make it hard for you to identify a doctor or a nurse.

Titan Scrubs knows the need for a good scrub, and that is why they provide high-quality scrubs and uniforms.

Services offered by Titan Scrubs

Titan Scrubs offers comfortable scrubs which meet the needs of the medical personnel. Made with odor neutralizing element known as FreshGuard, they are designed to keep you cool and dry. You can get your dri fit scrubs that are soft, resist wrinkling and won’t cause you any embarrassment with discoloration that results from perspiration. These scrubs are also eco-friendly, and their material can stretch which ensures that your movements are unhindered.


Though many people consider scrubs to be dull looking hospital wear, they come in handy for the reasons stated above. A doctor is permitted to wear a white coat with their clothes but when in the operating room, they need to be in full medical gear owing to fear of infections. These uniforms also help create a sense of unity among the medical personnel. There is a distinct feeling of belonging to a family. Plus, they also help decrease contamination in general.

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