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Bad Effects of Cell Phones You May Not be Aware of

Over time, we have changed the way we live our lives. We have invented new things and discovered ways to harness the energy and resources around us. One of the things we were able to harness is radiation that is naturally abundant in our Earth. Because of radiation, we were able to invent certain technologies such as microwaves, home appliances, and cars. We have used radiation to generate the nuclear plants that provide us with electricity. One of the most crucial things that we have invented with radiation we now can’t live without – cell phones.

Cell phones have become an everyday lifeline for many of us today, especially the so-called Gen Z babies that were born into a technologically powered world. The pervasiveness of cell phones can both be an advantage and a disadvantage. On the one hand, you can now communicate with anyone you want in any part of the world. This connects and bridges the world, making it easy to connect and socialise. Cell phones are also slowly replacing TVs and computers. You can now do everything in this small handy device. But, with these good things, there are also some negative effects that are associated with cell phones.

Here are the 3 things you must look out for with the long-term use of cell phones:

Eye problems

The more you look at your cell phone screen, the more you are at risk of vision problems. The blurring of vision is a common effect of using cell phones too much. Because of the small screen, your eyes naturally squint to see the small print. The eye strain from doing this every day will gradually become a permanent problem for a lifetime if it continues.

Lack of attention and focus

Driving with a cell phone stuck in your ear increases your chance of getting into a car accident. This is because when you use your cell phone, your attention is divided between the road and the person you are talking to. But, your full attention should have been on the road because you might not see oncoming cars in your way and it decreases your reaction time that would have enabled you to avoid a collision. Stop taking the risk and always put away your cell phone while on the road. Do not text, call or talk while driving.

The lack of attention and focus can extend to our daily lives. Cell phones diminish our attention span which is detrimental to our overall development. We are easily distracted and easily lose focus of the things we must do. Cell phones disrupt our lives and lower our cognitive ability. This is especially bad for children. They must be kept away from phones and pushed to learn other things. At the very least, it is better to limit their use of cell phones.

Radiation damage

Cell phones are transmitters of electromagnetic radiation. In large doses, this is harmful to the human body. In connection to the eye problems, you may experience some irritation and dryness in the eyes because of the radiation being emitted. So, you must be careful when you use your mobile devices. Get some cell phone radiation protection to lessen your worry.

These are the things you must look out for if you are an avid cell phone user.


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