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Arthritis (Joint Pain): Can It Be Treated Naturally

Whether it is old age or people above 35, anyone can get the joint problem that is called as arthritis. In arthritis, people suffer pain in fingers, elbows, hips jaws and any place in the body. Sometimes this pain gets worse and a person can’t hold it anymore. The treatment is medication but if something natural works for this problem then nothing is better than that. As many of the nerves surround the joints so it makes the complicated network around so depending upon that arthritis is of many types like osteoarthritis or rheumatoid. Many of the natural remedies are there to reduce the symptoms of it and you know what natural remedy do what they promise.Cannabis oil, hemp-based products are proven to be helpful in relieving pain. Here we are going to discuss some of the natural herbs that really work in arthritis.

Cherries– According to the Japanese treatment through cherries works in arthritis, you can take 6-8 cherries in a day whether it can be frozen or tinned or fresh. As cherry is a good source of magnesium and potassium people also making syrups by boiling cherries.

Devil’s Claw– Devil’s claw is a kind of fruit that is being used by tribesmen’s to reduce pain.  They draw an extract of it from the root and brew it into a tea. Devil’s claw can be in powdered form or can be taken as tablet form. As cortisones helps in reducing pain like that only devil’s claw works on pain according to the German and French studies. Like cortisones roots of it acts as an anti-inflammatory. Devil’s claw is available in herb companies and health food stores.

Thunder God Vine– This is used to deal with autoimmune illness and inflammatory conditions, the root is peeled away to make this herb. When it is tested on people having rheumatoid arthritis, it was found that when they were given high dose their arthritis symptoms got better.

Molasses– People take molasses by dissolving it into the water and they take every morning. British find the preparation easy and they believe that this helps in reducing joint pain. After using this technique one must wash mouth or brush their teeth as molasses are the concentrated sweet. Because of it, one pain that is arthritis pain will reduce and another can arise that is a toothache.

Ginger– Ginger is the host of many of the ailments, and is also a good and effective treatment for arthritis. Have ginger with soups, sauces or salads. There is a myth that eating ginger alleviates the arthritis pain but it is absolutely wrong.

Bee Stings– In past this technique is used and it sounds really like a punishment with bee stings. In European countries, this treatment was given to treat arthritis and other joint pains. Nowadays this treatment is done by series of injections of venom using bee sting or a live bee. Bee venom stimulates the immune system to release an inflammatory substance that helps in reducing pain.

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