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Are you looking for hair transplant? Bangalore is the place where you will find a one-stop solution.

Bangalore is one of the quickest developing metropolitan city in India with a populace of more than ten million individuals and the way of life of individuals is evolving. They need to look keen and classy since it is the today’s need but having an uncovered head or seeing the hair falls each day from their head let them feel discouraged and unconfident. In this way, this city gives you numerous brilliant specialists who can give you a chance to dispose of this issue and gain that confidence again.

Individuals from India as well as from different parts of the world like USA, UK, Turkey, Nepal, Sri Lanka seek hair transplant Bangalore considering a few reasons that you should know.

  • As you know Bangalore is the center point of innovation, so we experience the best innovation accessible in India yet at a sensible cost. Individuals from different nations want to come to Bangalore so to get the quality treatment with a cost that is much less than the cost in their nation.
  • Not just specialists are very qualified and experienced yet in addition, their groups have exceptional learning related to their field which makes the patient feel that they have picked the ideal place for completing the treatment.
  • Though the cost is to some degree on the higher side when compared with alternate urban areas of India the quality you get in Bangalore counterbalances the cost.
  • As in Bangalore, you get the quality treatment which eventually increases the achievement rate of the technique.

You must be thinking about hair transplant cost Bangalore, let’s talk in detail.

There are numerous individuals who request the least expensive hair transplant, however, let me reveal to you cheap is costlier when it relates to health and you don’t even receive the best treatment. Thus, you should go to the doctor which provides you the quality treatment at reasonable price.


The cost for completing the hair transplant relies upon the different variables like from which specialist you need to complete the treatment&what techniques they are using, which procedure of hair transplant you need to settle on, the number of grafts required.

You may ponder what sort of techniques there for hair transplant are, what amount is the cost of each technique and why their expenses are different.

Let’s discuss one by one:

  • FUT(Follicular Hair Transplant): In this, a strip of hair follicles is taken from the benefactor or the donor region, then partitioning that into grafts which consists of 3-4 hairs and these are planted in the uncovered region after then the donor territory is stitched. It is the most established system and it costs you Rs.25/graft to Rs.40/graft. So, the aggregate cost would be as low as Rs.25000 and would be as high as Rs.190000 for 1000 and 4000 grafts separately.

  • FUE(Follicular Unit Extraction): It is a stitch-less system in which grafts are separated but not the strip from the benefactor region and are planted in the uncovered region. It is a propelled system of hair transplant and it costs you Rs.30/graft to Rs.45/graft and the aggregate estimation of the cost would be as low as Rs.35000 and would be as high as Rs.210000 for 1000 and 4000 grafts individually.

  • Robotic Hair Transplant: It is the most recent strategy for completing a hair transplant. It is the mechanized method for doing the FUE where a robotic hand will separate the grafts from the donor region and plant it to a beneficiary territory. It costs you Rs.100/graft to Rs.120/graft and the aggregate cost would be as low as Rs.100000 to Rs.450000 for 1000 and 4000 grafts individually.

Now, let me reveal to you some of the transitory issues you may face after the hair transplant has been done but which can be overcome as well.

  • Itching: It is a typical issue which a great many people face after the treatment yet can be decreased by washing and saturating your hairs by applying hair oils.
  • Swelling: There might be situations where the individual’s forehead or eye get swollen, however, this is only a transitory thing that would go away within the brief timeframe.
  • Numb: For weeks, you won’t have the capacity to feel the benefactor or the donor territory.
  • Bleeding: It generally occurs in FUT system since the contributor territory is stitched and numerous times bleeding happens however in the event that it doesn’t stop then you ought to counsel your specialist.
  • Scar: After FUT, a thin straight scar is left at the contributor’s territory yet there will be no scar if you have experienced FUE.
  • Pain: Minimal torment you will feel after you have experienced the treatment mostly for FUT, painkiller can be taken then as endorsed by the specialist.

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