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7 Signs it’s Time to Seek Treatment for Drug Addiction

Drug addiction can cause negative effects on millions of lives. Unfortunately, many people never receive the necessary treatment that helps combat substance abuse. Here are 7 signs that determine when it is time to seek treatment for drug addiction:

1) When Drug Addiction Causes Relationship Issues

Drug abuse can make life impossible to manage. This loss of control can cause relationships to become unstable. It is time to seek help if relationships start to become toxic and frayed.

2) When Your Doctor Mentions Drug-Related Health Problems 

Drug use can be detrimental to your health and well-being. Your doctor can accurately diagnose any conditions related to substance abuse. It is time to seek help if your health issues are the result of continued drug use. Opiate abuse can lead to labored breathing and brain damage. Drug abuse can also lead to cardiovascular failure, paranoia and the contraction of fatal diseases. Your doctor can offer options for drug abuse treatment.

3) When Family and Friends Wish to Stage an Intervention

It is time to seek drug addiction treatment when loved ones start discussing your behavior. Friends and family will sometimes meet secretly before addressing the matter with the person who needs help. During the intervention, everyone comes together to discuss suggestions for the recovery process. Family members will let the loved one know that they have their full support and want what’s best for them. Loved ones will no longer support the actual drug addiction habit. They may stop providing funds, lodging or any type of enabling behaviors. The person may not want to lose their friends and family. Although tough, it would be best to accept help, love and support. This will help you to lead a more positive life.

4) When You Have Driven a Vehicle While Under the Influence of Drugs

It may not seem like such a big deal to drive while impaired, but it is a huge deal. Impaired driving is a real danger to anyone. Experienced drivers are not exempt. This privilege can be taken away at any time. Impaired driving has caused crashes, deaths, amputations and several other negative consequences. If you are not able to manage driving carefully, it’s time to seek treatment.

5) When Drug Addiction Leads to Crimes

Drug use can lead to mounting financial pressures. Addiction often pushes substance abusers into lives of criminal activity. Law abiding citizens have turned to theft and embezzlement to support their drug cravings. Drug addiction can also lead to harming others. It is time to seek help if you have harmed yourself or someone else.

6) When You Start Showing Physical Signs of Drug Abuse

There are several recognizable symptoms of drug addiction. Some users have enlarged pupils, bloodshot eyes, sudden changes in weight, unkempt appearances and unexplained marks on their skin. Family and friends are usually the first to notice these changes in appearance. Drug abusers are sometimes in denial, but it is best to seek help if there are physical changes.

7) When You Only Socialize in Places Where Drugs Are

Sometimes drug users avoid being around family and friends if they’re not able to use drugs around them. Some people only attend functions if there will be a supply of drugs provided. It is time to seek help immediately if you are one of these types of people. Drugs should never be a determining factor in who you decide to spend time with, where you wish to go and how long you’ll visit. It is time to seek help if you are letting drugs control your life.

Drug addiction is common. Everyday people can succumb to this type of addiction. It is important to first realize there is a problem. Seeking help is one of the best things you can do to start on the path to getting clean. Loved ones can help by providing positive support and feedback during this process.


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