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6 Effective Ways To Prevent Blood Clot

What is a blood clot? Basically, it is the accumulation of the excess fibrin in blood vessels or at the site of an injury, which may lead to blockages and extraneous growth and may further cause diseases like – fibromyalgia, atherosclerosis, cardiovascular diseases and scar tissues. Proper blood circulation is required to prevent blood clots from blocking in the arteries, veins, and capillaries.

Looking for effective ways to prevent a blood clot? There are many ways to follow to prevent a blood clot which may be listed as follows:

Quit smoking

We know, smoking is injurious to health and it also creates free radicals which may be responsible for damaging the arteries. Moreover, the fibrin concentration in the blood can be increased, which may result in blood clot formation. It can even cause endothelial damage to your body.

Consider Taking Less Alcohol

Excess alcohol intake can result in building more fibrin. If you drink alcohol daily, then you should restrict yourself to one or two drinks, as it will decrease the fibrin build up. Remember, more alcohol intake can increase clot formation and lead to sticky blood platelets.

Say No to Carbs and Sugar

Increase in blood sugar level can cause damage to endothelial tissues. Excess sugar intake such as – carbohydrate in rich vegetables like – potatoes, certain cereals, and artificial sweeteners and sweets can increase the blood sugar level. Further, these sugar molecules may lead to severe blockages in the veins or arteries.

Take Care of fats

Do you have a never-ending love for oily food? Although they taste good, but if we talk in medical terms, you are consuming excess fats. You cannot cut on such foods, but choosing to take selective fats can be an alternative. If you wish to provide essential nutrients to your body, consuming fats like – coconut, butter, extra virgin oil, and palm are the best option to consume. You should also include fatty acids like – Omega-3 in your diet. Simultaneously, you should use soya bean, sunflower, and safflower oil, and cut down on Omega-6. As excess intake of Omega-6 can increase the level of blood fibrin level, inflammation, and joint pains.

Neutralize Stress

Having stress is extremely harmful, whether psychological or physical. Stress is responsible for the release of cortisol, adrenaline, and growth hormone, which may raise the blood sugar level. Also, it substantially increases the high-blood viscosity because the sugar molecules attach themselves to the blood proteins and further result in blood clots. Therefore, it is necessary to neutralize the stress. You can do it by reducing work-related stress and by drinking sufficient water.

A Healthy Diet

Proper intake of a healthy diet is necessary, as it plays an essential role in preventing blood clots. Foods like – beans, onions, garlic, apple lime, and legumes can reduce the excess fibrin production. Food supplements like – Trevinol, which contains Nattokinase, used as a healthy supplement for a healthy cardiovascular system.

After following these precautions, if you are still not able to prevent these blood clots, then you should seek medical help. Using Clexane 40 mg injections may help in preventing clots. You can easily get Clexane injections on the official website of In Mexico, the site can be located by searching for Farmacia en linea. They are the most popular online pharmacy in Mexico and provides services around the clock. Visit their website now!

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